Google Sheets Query not updating

Hi, I used the retool templated for user management. My resource is Google Sheets. I am using a container component to update the contacts in my data table and sync with the Google Sheets resource.

I have updated the UpdateRows query but when I run it the data doesn't update. The retool documentation is limited when trying to trouble shoot. Can anyone help?

Query Google Sheets data

Hi @Angela_Fisher

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you share a screenshot of the query? Are you seeing any error messages?

The below example is working on my side:
-Keep in mind that you'll want to re-trigger your Google Sheets read query on success of the update query

You can also view the state of the query to see what values are being updated under filterBy and sheetUpdate

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For troubleshooting, you could try hardcoding the inputs instead of referencing the components to ensure the query is configured correctly before making it dynamic.

Google Sheets can be tricky with data types & trailing spaces, so make sure the property names and values are formatted exactly the same as the sheet

Thank you Tess

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