Dynamically Reference Cell in Row for RestAPI Patch Query

I have a table populated by various tables and I am looking to create an action where on click for that row it does an API call to update a value for a specific product. Each row is a product in our ecom store so I just need to pass a cell value (product id) into the api URL parameter. Just unsure how to do this.

Would it be a reference to the table such as table_name.data with appending another reference to that rows cell?

Figured I would try and bump this

Hey @seandawes, sorry for the delay here :confused:

This shouldn't be too hard! In your query that actually hits the API, you should be able to pass any value of the selected table row via {{ table.selectedRow.data.<column_name> }}.

If you're implementing this via action buttons, you can use {{ i }} in your query to reference the index of the selected row. Here's a screenshot of the helper text there:

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 10.30.29 AM

Let me know if this helps!