Duplication bug

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 12.17.54 PM

When I try to duplicate components inside the Nav container, the new component gets minimized and pushed to the top left corner of the container. If I try to drag it down to after the multi-select, it doesn't budge. Anyone encountered this? I have this issue for Switch, Text, Number Input, and buttons.

Hi @succulentMom !

I'm having some trouble reproducing this. Can you help clarify:

  1. Are you using the Tabbed Container, or a different container?

  2. How are you duplicating? Right-click then "duplicate"? Or are you copy and pasting?

  3. What version of Retool are you using, and which browser?

Looks like I have a similar issue.
On screen there is a container with a chart and limits for it.
Just below is a result of duplicate done. Components within the container get shuffles and 2 big containers swap places.
Copy / Paste leads to same result.

And a side dish to go with it. Pressing this Duplicate or it's shortcut ⌘D does not necessarily duplicates the component that's highlighted. It can sometimes duplicate you most right query opened in the editor.

Looks like this is a bug. I've linked this topic to an existing ticket and will reach out with any updates as they roll out!