Transformer Duplication on Component Duplication

After noticing some weird transformers in my list, I found out that there is a bug when duplicating components in the editor.

If you make a component that uses a transformer and then duplicate it with the hot key (command + D for me on mac) it will copy both the component and the transformer.

The result is that not only does the component get duplicated, but also the transformer that it uses. If you duplicate with the context menu, it does not happen.

It seems to me that the duplication hotkey is not picking up what is focused, editor or resources, so it runs the duplicate action for both.


Hi @khill-fbmc! I found the root of the unwanted duplication when I was trying to reproduce this issue. It's not about the Data source for the component but what query is selected on the Code tab.

For example, this component has "query1" as the Data Source but "transformer5" is selected on the Code tab:

Cmd + D (on a Mac) duplicated both the selected component and the selected query, "tranformer6" and "text13" :

To prevent this issue, in order to duplicate components we must first close all queries that are open, as well as the Code tab. To duplicate queries, we just have to unselect any components that are currently selected.

I added your feedback to the internal FR. :slightly_smiling_face:

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