Duplicate element

So I don’t need to start a new element from scratch every time.

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Hi Omer! have you tried copy-pasting an element? (ctrl-c and ctrl-v)
i think that might do what you’re looking for!

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Would be great to be able to copy and paste between apps though!

ohhh got it!! yes that’s not a thing we support yet, but we definitely should

i’m not sure what the timeline on this would be, but once we have one i’ll definitely keep you updated!

is this a big pain point for you right now?

Copy-paste also doesn’t work on elements in a modal window, at least in my experience.

oh whoa! yeah you’re right @kemal
i’ll look into that

+1 for this feature request

@maurizio i’m guessing you’re talking about the “copy paste between apps” right?

@kemal btw this is fixed now!

Yes :slight_smile:

got it, i’m a lil busy this week but i can at least take some time today to figure out how easy/hard this is. will update you later today

turns out this was easy enough, so we’re shipping this on our next deploy (tomorrow morning) @maurizio @vish-srivastava

will this also support copying and pasting between tabs in a tabbed container?

ahh good point. the feature i shipped (it’s live now!) was for copy pasting a component from one canvas to another, but it still copy pastes in the same canvas location, like before.

but you’re right that copy pasting into different locations would be really useful! i’ll take a look @yummly-mcg

ok i took a look @yummly-mcg and it’s a bit non-trivial to implement. but i think we can get to it sometime this month!

Just wanted to update this thread- you are able to copy and paste components both inside on app and between apps with cmd+c, cmd+v. You can’t copy multiple components together, but if they are all in the same container you are able to copy the container and include all child components!


I’m trying to copy paste tables but it doesn’t seem to be possible as soon as the table is a bit configured (like having hidden or custom columns).

I’m using the same table setup in different part of an app (and across other apps) and I have to redo the setup every time.

Isn’t it possible to duplicate such a table?