Dropdown / Select display and behavior

I have run into a very odd bug with the behavior of 3 dropdown components.

As you can see, the first 2 have a large chevron and the last, a smaller one.
When I open the "large" ones, they open fullscreen to the app.
When I open the "small" one, it opens as an overlay....

I have no idea why, as there are not many customization options, and they are configured the same.

Notice the last one is smaller


How the top two "large chevron" dropdowns look

How the last "small" chevron dropdown looks

Anyone have some ideas?

Hey @khill-fbmc

We are currently in process of few visual updates for mobile components.
You will see full screen select when there are more than 10 items or "Allow custom value" is checked. Otherwise, you will see the overlay one.

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Verified with this:

which made the chevron refresh to the bigger one, and now it is fullscreen:

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