DownloadPage doesn't include Images


I'm trying to use DownloadPage to export the view as PDF, but currently the PDF is not including the images.

I'm using componentsToExclude option to remove a button, and I also tried without using this option, still no images shown.

I tried also using CircularImage component and even the Image Grid, and they don't show up.

Hi @fed! Hmm, what kind of components aren’t showing up? Just images? How are you displaying these images in Retool?

Just tested that out of curiosity and image components aren't showing up on my end as well.

I tried different urls, putting the image component in other components, using a HTML component. Never shows up.

Oh no :frowning: Thank you for testing. I just tested as well and it looks like all but Base64 images are broken. Will flag!

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As a quick workaround in the meantime, since base64 images show up, are you able to create a Rest API query that hits your image URL endpoint, then set the image source to the returned base64 encoded data (see image below)?

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

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Image component, Image Grid, Circular Image, none of them show up on the PDF. Image is being set through a URL

Thanks for the workaround, I'll try this.