Download generated QR code


Is there a way to download the image generated with the QR component? I'm trying to use utils.downloadFile but there's no image value.

Thank you.

Hey @Adorp,

I couldn't find image data either, but found a way to export it as a pdf, if that works for you.

utils.downloadPage("qrFileName", { componentsToInclude: ["qrCode1"] });
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Hey @rixlayer , thanks!

Constantly learning, didn't knew about the componentsToInclude. For now, it works for me. Now I'll modify the script to control the dimensions.

Thanks again :slight_smile: .

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You're welcome
Same here, I found it on the docs.
Worth going through.

Hope they expand on the QR component to be able to customize and export.


Appreciated the response @rixlayer . I would dig into the docs. And yes, hope they expand the QR component, I had to turn to AWS Lambda to really achieve what I wanted.

Thanks again.

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