Displaying data beneath related data

Hi! How can I display data directly beneath their corresponding data in separate rows within a Retool table, without using expandable rows?

I need a way to structure a table in Retool so that each data row from my database is listed with its related data appearing as separate, subsequent rows directly underneath each corresponding data in the table. The goal is to achieve this visualization without the use of expandable rows, ensuring that data are visibly associated with their related records in a continuous but distinct manner. What are the best practices or methods to preprocess the data or configure the table to accommodate this layout in Retool?

You will probably spend a lot more time trying to replicate an expandable row type function in a table with styles rather than just using it as is, so you may want to consider a different approach like a List View to hold a table of the corresponding data for each entry. This would give you the related info in the continuous manner you are seeking while allowing you to define how to make the entries visually distinct

You would make the header of each list entry the "main row" from your data source and the table would be a component in the list entry. Disabling the margins and using border styles for the header/labels can probably get you closer to the feel of a single large table:

Here the table is just a repeating entity of the same data set, but you would tie in the related info using the logic you build into your queries.

Got it! Thank you! :blush:

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