Comparing 2 tables side by side

I am new to Retool and am looking for suggestions on how/where to start in building the following application.

I have a MySQL DB with two tables - one contains data a user has entered via an online form and the other contains reference data about them from our internal records. I would like to build a retool form that displays one record at a time of data the user entered in a column, and parallel to it, the equivalent fields from the other reference table, and a Match column in front of both (the first column), which shows whether the two fields match. This form would show about 8 similar fields, and an admin manually looking at the form can see how they compare, and can update a status field on whether the data matches (accepted) or not (rejected).

For example one field is the first name and it should look as follows in the form:
Match (Y/N) FirstName Entered Reference FirstName

Below is a picture of what I envision it to look like. I would like to know if I can do something like this with Retool.


Retool is perfect for this type of thing! Take a look at the Table component for possibly displaying the top level records (user submissions in this case it sounds like) and then either the Form or List View components for displaying and interacting with the comparison values. You may even be able to take advantage of the Table's expanding row feature to nest your Form/List View in the table and not have to use multiple tabs or a modal.