Change icon depending on value in a table

Hey all,

I thought it will be easy to do but I still don't manage so I'm here to query your help :slight_smile:
I've got a table using Retool database.
I've got a status column with value as "working" / "coming soon" / "temporary unavailable" ...
I want to change the prefix icon and the color of the text depending on the status.

If working -> Color Green with icon "success"
if coming soon -> Color Bleu with icon "rocket"...

I tried something like this
Capture d’écran 2023-05-10 à 17.02.32

I also tried with currentRow.status
But with no success.
I would say it's something easy but I don't find it.
Thanks for your help.

Hey Pierrick,

I've attached an example on how it can work within a select element or table. It can be used in other components or other table column types - same principle applies.

Thanks a lot!
It works perfectly.

Hi @Pierrick81! Status indicators for table cells are now available on cloud, if that works for your use case!