Discrepancy in Resource Fields Between Dev and Prod Instances Causing Unmerged Status

Hi Team,

To use the same resource in both my dev and prod instances after merging the resource PR into the main branch.


  1. Create the database connection on your Dev instance.
  2. Protect your resource and create a PR.
  3. Merge that PR into your main branch to apply the changes to your Prod instance.

After merging the PR, the resource is visible in my Prod instance, but it shows as "unmerged" instead of "Protected." Please see the screenshots below:

Prod instance

I tested and found out that it is removing the sshPassword and connectionString fields in the Prod instance, which is why it is showing as unmerged.

In the Dev instance, the sshPassword and connectionString fields are mandatory or required. However, in the Prod instance, these fields are not mandatory or required and it automatically remove these fields. This discrepancy is causing the resource to show as unmerged in the Prod instance.

Is there any way to resolve this issue?