[how-to] Maintain resources/queries when transferring protected apps to new environment

Scenario: Working on an app in STAGING Retool instance (using protected apps), and want to transfer to PRODUCTION Retool instance (no protected resource).

If you're using protected apps, and want to transfer this app from one environment to another to allow your resource of the same name to work on both instances, then you'll need to create the resource first inside PRODUCTION (using the same resource name, credentials, etc) before importing your app.

You can troubleshoot this by Editing your app, and checking if the query's resource is displaying the correct name. If you end up seeing something along the lines of "37fn2-3bg93fn-fn384h..." (resource ID), then that means the resource from STAGING isn't available in PRODUCTION (or not syncing correctly because something is different from when you created the resource in PRODUCTION). You'll then need to create the new resource matching the STAGING resource in your PRODUCTION environment, and then manually change the query within your app to that newly created resource.