Disabling loading indicator for JavaScript query

Hi Retool,

I have a JavaScript query that polls temporary state every 5 seconds.

Every 5 seconds, a page loading indicator appears for a split second, which may interrupt/concern/confuse the user.

Is there any way to disable to the page loading indicator altogether for a given JavaScript query?

Thanks for your help!

Never mind, I figured it out.

Solution was to uncheck "Hoist loading state" from the parent component.

I am having a similar issue with a chart that loads based on a query.

Was your issue with a chart, table or something else?

I don’t see a ‘hoist loading state’ option for charts

Hey @bg1900! To clarify, you'd like to disable the loading indicator for the chart?

yes exactly that @victoria :slight_smile:

The "Hoist loading state" option should be on a parent component, not on a chart component.

Yes I see. So then it is not possible to disable it for a chart component itself in any way ?

If I had the data loaded from two separate queries and alternated which query part of the chart came from every few seconds would that stop the loading indicator?

Try enabling this on the parent component. This should prevent child components from displaying a loading indicator.

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