How do I prevent the app from dimming/flickering while queries are running?

This happens in a lot of apps, but this one is particularly bad. When a query runs a part of, or the whole app flickers. It is quite distracting an annoying.

Here is a video of the effect

Is there a way to turn this off? I get not allowing the user to interact with a table while it is refreshing, but most of the queries I am running only affect a small portion of the app, yet the entire thing dims out. I would prefer a more visually mute method of disabling portions of the app while applicable parts refresh or load.

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Hi @bradlymathews Thanks for surfacing this! It sounds buggy :sweat_smile: Can you try re-sending the recording when you have a moment? It doesn't seem to be working for me

Sure: Dropbox Capture

Thank you @bradlymathews

Does your container have hoist loading state toggled on? It seems like that setting is causing this flicker

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Turning that off fixes it! Thanks.

Awesome! :+1:

Do charts have this option? Or just containers?

I have a similar issue with a chart that is updated frequently.

Hi @bg1900 this setting is only for containers. Does the query populating the chart need to be triggered so often? Could you use a manually triggered query? One option could be a manual query that triggers on page load:

it is for a graph that is almost animated in realtime--- showing realtime changes. So it does need to be updated constantly.

Is there any clever way around this I haven't considered?

Thanks for your fast response Tess!

Hi @bg1900 Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a good workaround if the data needs to keep getting updated :disappointed:

If you only want to hide the spinner, you might be able to do some custom css

I think I solved this one, if you turn off 'show loading state' in the app settings it has the desired effect!

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Oh nice! I hadn't tried that, but that's great :grin: Thanks so much for sharing