Inline add new row in table

Hi any chance to clone something like this ? this is ms access, so at the end of each table theres always a new record empty in order to fill and if i fill it it saves to the db. Its possible with lowcode? or what you guys recommend me to do, Im recreating access app to lowcode

I think you can do that. Just after every insert run another query with null values. And guess when saving just save where the value is null.


what you mean by run another query with null values? any example?

You run the query to save the data right?

After the Success, you can run another query, which may look like this:

INSERT INTO your_table (column1, column2) VALUES (NULL, NULL);

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I believe what the OP is asking for is the ability to insert a new record from within the Retool table interface.

The legacy Table component had a "Show add row button" option that provided a similar interface, but this is still missing from the new Table component.

I agree that it feels very cumbersome currently to add a new row to the DB once you already have a table setup with all the needed columns in the right format, especially when some of these are editable.


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thats correct

I'll reach out here if we're able to add a built in "add row" functionality to the new table component :slightly_smiling_face:

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