Decoding "appState" field in export

I would like to make an inventory of all the queries used on the various apps in our account and in order to do this I need to decode the "appState" field. Has anyone attempted this? or if anyone on the Retool team can provide details on how to decode/encode this field, it would be much appreciated.


Hey @ruswerner - I have an app that does this: Retool

If you import an exported app.json here, this app will deserialize the app (including the appState) into plain json, which you could then copy or search.

Right now this app only works one import at a time, but it could be extended. appState is hard because we store it as immutable.js, but happy to share what's going on under the hood if helpful.

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Hi @kent

Thanks for this. This is exactly what I was after. I copied this app into our account to have a closer look and it does the trick.

Cheers mate

Hi @kent can the script behind this App Deserializer be shared? so that we can use offline script to do automation.

@Jacob_Wang here you go, but I really wouldn't recommend using this anymore - Toolscript is the best solution for a human-readable and human-editable Retool app serialization format now: Toolscript | Retool Docs.
App Deserializer (1).json (125.9 KB)