How do I download/export app JSON for all of my organizations apps?


I'm doing some refactoring on my company's codebase. We have a lot of graphQL queries which are no longer used by any of our web applications, but are still getting used by Retool. We are trying to find where in our 90+ retool applications these queries are getting used.

We can't search through queries, it appears (see Search through bodies of all queries - #3 by tm1). The only option seems to be to download the JSON serialization of each app, and search through that for our queries (search for a relatively unique attr in the query, for instance).

I'm not super interested in manually downloading 90+ retool applications. Is there a way to download all my company's retool apps at once? Or a way to show them all in a list view (WITHOUT folders, just show me every app in a list) so I can write a small browser console script to click & download every JSON? Either would work. First is preferable, but I can make the second work.

Or, if you have some other way to search through data queries, or app data in general, that would work. Anything that lets me figure out where in retool these queries are coming from.

Still trying to get an idea of how I could do this! Thanks!

Hey @clayton! There isn't a way to check which apps use a resource or to export all your apps at once (though both are on our radar). Unfortunately, I'm also not aware of a workaround for getting a full list that would work better than running that script in each of your folders :confused:

As of 2.116.0 you should be able to view all apps currently using a resource :grin: