Date sorting doesn't work

When I click the "Date" in the header, it should sort the date ASC or DESC. I tried converting the data format from string to date. But it doesn't work. Anyone can help me work this out? Thanks in advance!

Hey @Miamiya!

We have had issues of date sorting get reported in the past and I can let you know here if there are any new updates on that front. From the picture it looks to me like the dates a sorted correctly though, what is the expected sort order here?

Hey Kabirdas!
Thanks for your reply. Ah :laughing:, I just found out it sorted correctly but a few days ago it didn't...
Please let me know if any new updates on date sorting. Appreciate! :raised_hands:

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Alright, will do! Can you also let me know when you see it sort incorrectly again?

Absolutely! It still works well for now :raised_hands:

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