Copy + pasting between Retool and Spreadsheets

Thanks Tess

Regarding my paste+parse from cell(0,0) approach, would that work?

I appreciate it's a bit circular.

Hi there!

For the cell(0,0) approach, do you mean copy + pasting from Retool to a spreadsheet and having the spreadsheet parse the Retool data?

The best case scenario is going to be using our Google Sheets query to append any Retool data to a spreadsheet

It looks like you can use Papa.unparse to get the full Retool table into a string that can be pasted into a blank spreadsheet:

Then, you can use the Data->Split text to columns setting to have it auto-formatted properly in the spreadsheet

You could also have a =SPLIT(text,",") format in your spreadsheet that splits out each line pasted from Retool (using the Papa.unparse method)

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding your case!

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