Custom component > stripe card element

The native Stripe card element is incredibly limited and often buggy or inconsistent. It seems possible/reasonable to create your own custom component using Stripe's React Native implementation but it's not clear given the documentation how you'd do this within Retool. Has anyone done this or have any guidance? Thank you!

What I'd like to do:

  1. Remove the required zip code enry field (postCodeEnabled = false)
  2. Update button format (e.g. color) and text
  3. Add animation or disable submit button during processing of subsequent actions

Hello @cjharlin ,

Thank you for your post.

This component is quite an old one and Retool has moved in a different direction. I have a few questions/suggestions for you.

  1. Have you setup your Stripe API as a Resource in Retool?
  2. If YES, do you have any queries posting or interacting to the Stripe API Resource?

I ask these questions because I think you will have far greater customization if you build out a form or assemble other Retool components that interact with the Stripe API via Queries and you will overall get the customization you are looking for. I will admit, it feels like a few extra steps - but this approach will also apply to any other integrations, APIs, or DBs you make use of with Retool so there is some benefit for you at least.

All three of the items on your to-do list can be achieved with more 'generic' components - a solid query to the Stripe resource.