Custom code - how to access source code of an application?

how can we get access to the source code of an app module? There are specific size requirements, anti scraping and styling customizations I would like to add that are just not possible with the existing options but can easily code them in myself.

Hi @Bluon-Kyle, Retool doesn't provide access to app/module source code. You might be able to apply some of your styling requirements to your app with Custom CSS. I hope that helps!

thats a major bummer - our company would really love to have this ability. is there any way this can be a requested or feature we can pay extra for?

You might take a look at embedding Retool, preloaded JavaScript, and custom components as additional ways to have control over the code in your app, however, having full access to the source code isn't available at any plan level. I'm curious to know what specific styles and anti-scraping mechanisms you're trying to implement. Perhaps we or another member of the community has an existing solution for some of them :thinking: