Custom authentification with PHPSESSID


I have a custom authentication where a cookie with key PHPSESSID has to be forwarded.
For some reason the key gets set to undefined

"cookie": "undefined=623

The configuration is set like this:

The authentification response lookes like this:

"set-cookie": [
"PHPSESSID=623 [...] ; path=/"

Is there a solution for this. Is the key filtered out?

Hey @teda, happy to help! Are there any errors in your console?

Upon successfully authenticating the user, the cookie should be stored in the HTTPOnly cookie of your browser. Here are our docs in case they prove helpful here:

Hi Jay, thanks for your answer.

The only messages in the browser relate to "non-passive event listener"s.

I played around a bit more
retool seems to replaces the string "PHPSESSID" with the string "undefined" or sometimes "---sanitized---" anywhere within the request. This was not the case 2 weeks ago.

Is there any way to circumvent this.