Cookie based authentication

I can see the cookie in the browser, __rmc and my cookie name, But, as I can't access that cookie in the app, how can I decode this token or used this token to do session management in my app. I want to create a middleware sort of file, which allows users to login and then based on their role forwards to appropriate page or app. How can i achieve this in retool as this is very important for my use case. I have a GraphQL server setup which handles the authentication, It creates a cookie every time a user logs in and then maintain session and use that cookie to gain further information about the user.

Hi @ShubhamLohar ,

I don't think this would be possible. Authentication is completely handled by Retool.
To forward users based on roles, you can use the Permissions in Retool, which is available on the Business plan. You can set a default app to be opened per role.

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