currentRow is undefined in expression for mapped value

I'm trying to access a different value from the same result row in a key-value component, but I'm getting the error that currentRow is undefined.

Is there some formatting I'm missing,

Can you post what the key/value component looks like?
Also, you should be able to use {{currentRow.postmark_domain_name}} if I am reading your ask correctly.

Hi Scott. I'm not sure which details about the view are relevant, but the data it receives is the direct result of a query, so it receives data as an object like this:

And the is what is populating a table?

And the name of the column is? Is it a custom column?

Not sure how to respond because not seeing where the data lives and how you are constructing that column (If it's column)....

Yes, it's a column. It's the column corresponding to the has_domain field in the data.

Add the following to the mapped value field of has_domain column...
{{self != ''?currentRow.postmark_domain_name:'No domain available'}} OR

{{self === true ?currentRow.postmark_domain_name:'No domain available'}}

depends on what has_domain value type is.