CURL type request

Hi Everyone!

Is it possible to query data with a CURL type request? For example - I run this command to get data from an online source in XML. Would there be a way to get this information into retool?

curl ""

Hello @darenhunter,

This is possible.

To get the Data into Retool, you would have to set up a Rest-API resource and run this as a GET request.


This will retrieve your data and retool can parse it.

You would need to write some form of JS query to manipulate this data into a form that can be loaded to a table component\

Here is how I set up my resource

Alternatively, you can add an XML parser library like fast-xml-parser to retool.

then use this to parse your data with ease unto a table

Docs for using libraries in Retool

I have attached an export of the App to help you get started

Oh my word- thank you so much for this! So so helpful!