Ctrl-Click on new Nav Menu does not open new tab

If you Ctl-Click a menu item in the navigation component which is configured to open a web page it will open in the same tab instead of a new tab.

If you configure it to open in a new tab, it always will, but would like to give the user a choice.


Great idea @bradlymathews! Thanks for surfacing. I just shared with the team that's working on the nav bar and I'm sure we'll pick this up soon :slight_smile:

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I can right-click to open a link to a new tab just fine. What seems to happen is that uBO is told that the new links are unwanted popups. This does not happen with default settings, so maybe you made changes to uBO which causes this. Did you add any other 3rd-party filter lists? Custom rules? Not all 3rd-party filter lists are of great quality, I warn about this in the wiki. You may have selected one which is overly aggressive. I suggest you rest to default settings in the Settings pane in the dashboard.


What browser/OS are you using? I tried your right-click trick and it brings up a different context menu than a normal <a> link with no Open in new tab option. I should note that my nav bar items use open links rather than open app.

I have Chrome in Win10 and no extensions or settings that should effect that (No uBlock) and regular links behave as expected. My client is using Mac and Safari with the same results. I'll see if my client sees the correct context menu on right click.

This is still an issue, it's not possible to open tools in a new window from the navigation dropdowns. Please help.

Hey @compass this should work if you hold down the meta key on windows machine or command on a mac.