CRUD ops don't always work

Dear Team, I know it's a beta version. I am triyng to make a very easy mobile app.
2 entities Fishes and Tanks, for each one I'd like to create 3 screen: Add, Edit, List.
I am able to create the screen and the relative queries, but the crud operation not always work. I do query both in SQL Mode and GUI Mode. The result is the same.
Could you help me o suggest any tips.

if could help: this is my project -. Retool
Thank you.

Hey @Cotrariello!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the query that’s not working? And what errors are you getting when you run this query?

Hi @victoria I will do further checks, may could be the same problem of the ticket: Data in tables is not updated automatically - #4 by victoria

thank you for the support

Ah, sounds good! Definitely let me know if I can help with anything :slight_smile: