Button Action with Alert Trigger an Query Trigger Don't work well

Dear Team,
I am triyng to implement a simply Delete Button.
I configured as shown in the figure bug_delete, using the query in figure bug_delete_a;
apart from the fact that the popup alert only shows me the "ok" option and not the "cancel" option, the record is not deleted. see figure bug_delete_b.
the record is deleted only when I set only one event handler, but in the list it remains displayed. fig. bug_delete_c.
as you can see, again from the figure bug_delete_c, I set Event Handlers - load getTank to reload the list, but nothing happen.
The list it is refreshed only wehen I run the getTank query.

Thank you

Hey @Contrariello!

I don't seem to be able to view the entire screen in your images so I can't double-check the event handlers on your queries. Do you have a handler that navigates back to the previous screen along with a handler that re-triggers your getTank query set up on deleteTank?

Would you also mind sharing a screenshot of how you have the "Cancel" event handler set up so we can investigate why that button isn't displaying in your alert?

Hi @Kabirdas,
I implemented the suggested solution.
I have implemented 2 Event Handlers in the Success section and 1 in the Failure section. Now it works fine.
But, I have to call more then one time the getTanks() fish or th getLastTankId() queries, because not always they update the results. But for now this solution works fine.

thank you