No insert / update on my MYSQL DB are working both on apps or workflows

I’m new to Retool and love the tool.
I’ve started to implement a few things.

Everything is ok when I’m reading the database.

But when I want to insert a row or update one, both on SQL or in GUI mode, I have no errors but nothing is changed in the database.
Same if I create the stuff in an app or in a workflow.

Can you please help, regarding this, it drives me nuts :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Going further things are going really wild :slight_smile:

When I use your query library tool, and run a select after insert or update => I saw my stuff.
When I run the same request to the database directly => Nothing

When I insert from the database directly and run a select => I see the inserted line.

WOW :wink:

welcome to the forum, glad to hear you're loving the tool

Can you share some more details or screenshots to help us identify the problem?
Maybe what database it is and how your'e accessing the data and where you're seeing these issues

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