SQL query from google sheets

I have a database with 7 different tables in google sheets (each table in its sheets sheet). How can I make a query from this table?

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Hey @franroque12, happy to help!

Are you using the native google sheets query? If so, you can select the specific spreadsheet and sheetname you want to query through the resource.

If you are hoping to combine/join multiple sheets, I recommend using the Query JSON with SQL resource type: https://docs.retool.com/docs/querying-via-sql

Hi @Jay, I have created a google sheet resource in my app. However, I can't query this resource. Could you asssist?

Hi @Pablo_Vargas welcome to the community :wave:

You're using the chart datasource as like SQL input where it shouldn't. If it is a 2d chart, you might want to only select 2 columns so create a code/resource of Query JSON with SQL and write what you have there in that resource.

For that data source, you might want to just explore using {{datos.data}} in that field.

Would be good to explore Retool's tutorials and docs as well.

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