Creating a video player and video recorder in mobile

I am trying to create a mobile app where the user gets shown video using a video player and can upload videos using webcam in response to these videos.
I have tried many things but am unable to show a video player. (even tried using iframes, video tag in html component and video player libraries.) Can you please guide us on how to render video tags in a mobile app and add our custom components(react or otherwise) for a webcam video uploader.

P.S., already tried creating a app using web application that does have a video tag but unable to set canvas width to below 800px( which is greater than any mobile resolution.)

Hi @Jaydeep_Trivedi, we currently do not support Custom or Video Components on Retool Mobile. I added your use case to the internal FR for this. As a workaround, you could create a Web App and assemble a mobile layout.