Custom React Native components?

Similar to Retool web, is it possible to develop custom components? My use case is that I would like to implement a video uploader to a third party service we use to host videos. In particular, I'd like for the user to be able to select a video from their camera library (seemingly not possible right now), and then I would write custom Javascript to retrieve an upload URL and upload the video to the endpoint in chunks.

Hey @hari_whitebalance!

Custom components aren't currently supported on Mobile neither is accessing video as you mentioned. The dev team is aware that both have been requested I can let you know here if they're included.

You might be able to link to the mobile view of a Retool web app to do so - have you already experimented with chunked uploads in web apps? I'm not sure we support this natively but know that other users have made attempts (this thread, for example).