Creating a module output called value

For modules I have tried to create an output variable called value so that the behavior mimics other components as much as possible, however when I use the name value I tend to get errors when using the module in an app, specifically that value property remaining null/undefined even though there should put an output value.

When I change the name of the output field from 'value' to 'output', then the output value comes through as expected. Is value a reserved key word or is there something that would prevent 'value' from being a valid output field?

For modules it would be great to be able to call an output field value, so that it is cleaner to be able to use a module as a stand-in for a given component.


Thank you for pointing this out! It is reserved at the moment, but I did just create a request to either build this feature or throw errors when someone names an output 'value'. I linked the report to this thread so that I will be able to update you when there is progress :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: