Creating a Dashboard Showing Form Status

Hi all:

I am building a "customer service center" application that will consist of multiple Retool apps - one for each piece of collateral needed from the customer. I would like it to look something like this (just a concept):

I have an aggregate table that includes the status of each piece of collateral for the customer. I'm trying to determine the best way to display that data, along with a link to the app for each item.

I've looked at tables, key value, and form components and I'm wondering if anyone has done anything similar? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Hey @amylynnelee!

It looks like a List View could work here :thinking: the trickiest part might be how to configure a button to send people to a dynamically specified app since the normal "Go to app" handler doesn't allow for dynamic values. If you can add a lookup table that keeps track of the app UUID corresponding to each piece of collateral and return that as part of your data set so that your data looks something like:

    collateral: "PMC Config Worksheet",
    status: "Complete",
    app: "app-uuid-1"
    collateral: "VPN Worksheet",
    status: "In Progress",
    app: "app-uuid-2"
    collateral: "SSO Worksheet",
    status: "Pending",
    app: "app-uuid-3"
  // etc...

Then you could configure an event handler as follows:

The index of the button will be passed to the i variable in your script when it executes so the openApp util will pull the correct UUID.

What do you think?