Create Workflow to trigger App to run periodically and cache results to improve performance

Dear community,

I just stumbled across the new Workflows section - looking great and also the tutorial was very helpful. I now questioned myself if it would be possible to trigger Apps to run every hour and cache the results so that the App will load a lot faster than before?

Thank you in advance!

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Hey Leon, welcome and thanks for the question! I'm checking in on this with our Workflows team internally, and will circle back with some help when I get it. Hang tight, thank you!

Hey again - so we don’t provide any feature to do this automatically (but it is on our roadmap!). The best way to get this functionality is to write a workflow to run every hour that outputs to the data to some datasource (a database, redis, retoolDB) and then changing the query in the app to read from that datasource. Hope this helps?

Hi Alina,

thank you for your response! I thought of the same workaround so I might implement it. Let me know whenever this feature will be provided anytime soon :slight_smile:

Best Leon

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