App functions to run Daily - Triggering a retool app functions from a workflow?

  • Goal: Having my app run some functions daily at a certain time.

  • Steps: I have tried Workflow but it does not seems to do what I want. For the moment I am clicking some buttons that have as an Event handlers my functions. I would like to automate it

  • Details:

I have created a Sales attribution report that is getting infos from external sources (Hubspot meeting / Shopify Orders) and storing these infos to an internal Retool Database for obvious performance reasons.

My issue is that I would like to run these task daily without me having to click these buttons everyday. My thought was that I could create a Flow on top of my app that would automatically do that, but it seems that a Flow is a full "new app" where I have to do everything in there again? Definitely not what I expected.

As you can see in the below screenshot my query is having some success handler & Variables etc that you cannot find in the workflow.

Is there any way to trigger my functions daily within the App if this one is not open?

Thank you!

Hi @bkseen This does sound like a good use case for workflows :blush:

Apps can only run queries when a user is interacting with the app in their browser. For scheduling queries to run daily, you can create a workflow with all of your queries, that runs on a schedule. You can also add a return block to the end of the workflow, if you want to reference the workflow data in an app. Workflows are completely separate from apps, so if you want to schedule any queries to run on a daily cadence you'll have to re-create them in a workflow