Create timesheet for engineering teams to increase budgeted hours visibility

Hi all,
I am new to Retool and I am wondering I could create a timesheet for my engineering team to create more budget (hrs)s visibility

I am struggling to create a button to display today's date and trigger a new list of tasks to do. The goal is to toggle between dates during the week

@Andrew_Fahmi Welcome to the forum.
Checkout the following doc you can use the moment library to display the date and also in your trigger the query for the button you can add an event handler in the button component.

Hi @Andrew_Fahmi almost EVERYTHING can be controlled via JS. Take a look at: Button | Retool Component Library

Unfortunately, while there is a property 'text' for buttons it doesn't look like you can set that using JS. Instead, you will need to do something like this:

  1. Create a temporary state called 'dateButtons'
  2. Create a JS Query and write code like:
monday: moment().clone().weekday(1).startOf('day').format('dddd MM/DD'),
tuesday: moment().clone().weekday(2).startOf('day').format('dddd MM/DD'),
  1. In your button change the 'Text' property to:
{{ dateButtons.value.monday }}