Create from database doesn't find MS SQL

Hi, I have registered Azure SQL, and it works as a resource with several retool apps already. When I try to create an app from a database, the only database available is retool_db only. Please see the attachment.

How can I use my AzureSQL in "Create an app from a Database"?

Thank you

Hey @riskaone!

That option only supports Postgres and MySQL databases. If you create an app you should be able to change it to connect to your MSSQL database by editing the connected resource:

I've also included a sample JSON that you can import to make your app. It's based on this post which outlines the slightly different syntax you need to search an MSSQL database. Again, you'll just need to change the resource in the query!

Hi @Kabirdas thank you for your answer. It's really a pity MS SQL is not supported in this feature. This is really a pain for companies using this DB. MS SQL is a widespread db from SMEs to enterprises as a robust but also agile database at a reasonable price. I recommend at least changing the misleading message on the form "...only SQL-type data source is supported" to "....only selected data sources are supported. Please read the details in this article(URL to docs)"

Thanks for that feedback, I've passed it along to the team!