Create big database

I’m currently evaluating Retool. One thing is driving me mad. To be blunt the create database UI is terrible. Acceptable for a table or two but what is best practice/advice or 3rd party tools to create the database in a complex design. I have 30+ tables most with a lot of columns

Thanks in advance, I like the tool but this is dissuading me right now


Hi @MikeB , welcome,

You can connect from other applications like pgadmin or dbeaver to the Retool database. You can find the connection settings top left of the Retool database screen.

More info here


That's great, thank you for taking the time to answer

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Hi Marc

I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with postgres at the moment and strugglig to get this connection in either pgadmin or debeaver. Wondered if you could help at all?

I'm using the connection string from the database page. Is there a username and password? Should the connection string go directly from the retool dialog to the other tools?

I'm sure I'm being thick but really stuck


Hi @mdb213 ,

sorry for the delay, I'v been away for a while. If you're using the connection string, you should be able to copy and paste that in pgadmin or dbeaver. You'll need to reset the password from that connectionstring screen first if not yet done.

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Great, Thank you Marc. Probably seems obvious but I didn't puck up on the password change. Really appreciate you taking time to help

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