Could you make the "Compare Changes" function partially instead of entirely failing

Long story short, we have a few long queries in our retool pages that, when modified slightly, are so different that I believe it causes this message to display.

The interesting thing is, this message can be inconsistant. For example, I was unable to compare the most recent/production to the live (1.7.2) but when I made a draft of the production (1.8.0) and reverted to 1.7.2, the compare changes tool worked.

Importantly, the tool worked ONLY WHEN 1.7.2 was set as the "production"/active page and comparing with the 1.8.0.

I cant compare 1.7.2 to 1.8.0 or production to 1.7.2 when production is on draft 1.8.0

This got me thinking that maybe, when changes are "too big to display" in Retool, it might be worthwhile, if possible, to tether that message to the whichever changes are "too big".

If its a collective "too big", then it might be worth allowing a subset or at least something to note which items in particular changed even if it doesn't show the specific change. (this could be further explored to only show which items changed at the high level and then at a lower level menu allow users to inspect each item one at a time if the individual item's changes wasnt too big for retool).

In summary, the comparison tool is very useful when it works and very disappointing when it doesn't so I was hoping there would be a way to make the "when it doesn't work" scenario's still useful.

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Hey @AndrewRussell! I've submitted an internal ticket to track this feature request. Will update this topic when we have any additional information to share. Thanks!