Copy/Paste components in Header section between pages fails

If you copy a component residing anywhere in page 1 and try to past it into the header of page 2, you get the "Pasted Component!" toast but the component is not pasted. If you copy/paste within the same page it works.

If you copy a component from a header section in page 1 and try and paste it into any part of page 2 the same thing happens.

Hi @bradlymathews,

When you're attempting to paste into page 2, are you referring to a separate retool app or something else?

Oh sorry, I mean App #1 and App #2. We refer to them internally as pages as we consider the whole bundle of "apps" as our application.

Thank you for clarifying. Unfortunately, cross-application and cross-frame (header/main) copy/paste is working correctly for me, and I'm unable to reproduce.

One thing to note is that when selecting header, to ensure header is selected, you can see both a blue outline around the header frame and it appears in the right hand panel (the text "Header" under Inspect)

To select the header or main, try clicking on the text "Header" or "Main". If nothing is selected, we automatically paste below the most bottom component inside Main.

Can you try again and see if you still encounter the same problem?

Huh, I definitely was following the directions on how to copy/paste and the message said it was pasted, but the component was nowhere to be found.

But I did go back and try it again and it is now working. May be some browser issue that was resolved by reloading all of my pages (which I had since done for a different reason.)

Awesome - glad it's working again.