Containers with no impact on spacing

Hi there,

It would be great to have a container type (or options on the existing containers) to have something whose only purpose is to give a new internal grid for fine alignment of items.

Here is an example of why I'm asking:

In that listview, the icons on the right hand side are all very wide because they are in the same grid as the inputs. I would like it if it was possible to have all 3 in a container of their own (with a much smaller grid), the container itself taking 2 slots horizontally in the listview grid (instead of 3 icons each taking one).
I have tried to use a standard container, but it has internal padding and a minimum height that is way taller than the inputs and therefore causes the list view rows to be unnecessarily high.

I did try to manipulate the CSS, but couldn't find a way to make it work...

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+1 for having more configurable layout/grid/styling options.
I particularly struggle with the icon component inside the standard grid and using a container and/or listview just adds a lot of whitespace that I can't control without hacky CSS

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Thanks for this request! I've linked this feedback to a few internal feature requests where our team is looking into how we can solve for this

I'll post here if we're able to ship a solution!