Containers with no impact on spacing

Hi there,

It would be great to have a container type (or options on the existing containers) to have something whose only purpose is to give a new internal grid for fine alignment of items.

Here is an example of why I'm asking:

In that listview, the icons on the right hand side are all very wide because they are in the same grid as the inputs. I would like it if it was possible to have all 3 in a container of their own (with a much smaller grid), the container itself taking 2 slots horizontally in the listview grid (instead of 3 icons each taking one).
I have tried to use a standard container, but it has internal padding and a minimum height that is way taller than the inputs and therefore causes the list view rows to be unnecessarily high.

I did try to manipulate the CSS, but couldn't find a way to make it work...

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+1 for having more configurable layout/grid/styling options.
I particularly struggle with the icon component inside the standard grid and using a container and/or listview just adds a lot of whitespace that I can't control without hacky CSS

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Thanks for this request! I've linked this feedback to a few internal feature requests where our team is looking into how we can solve for this

I'll post here if we're able to ship a solution!

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+1 as well! Fingers crossed this has been already implemented :sweat_smile:

Hi @claudia.m It hasn't been implemented yet, but it is something the team is working on :smile:

Hi all,

I'm very excited to share that padding controls for containers should be shipping to Cloud this week, on version 3.3.0


There are still other related requests in our queue for container alignment, more control of the canvas 12 column grid, etc

But I hope this helps! :tada:

Can't wait to see this! Big thanks for this update

I don't see this improvement on the release notes for 3.3.0 or as an option for containers. Did it not make it into 3.3.0?

Not seeing it in 3.3.0 either

Ah thanks for flagging :disappointed: taking a look

@dcartlidge & @llibdude I'm sorry! I just found out this was delayed until this Wednesday :disappointed:

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Looks like this went live so thanks!

I suppose this is probably a new feature request but I was sort of hoping this applied to all kinds of containers, i.e. forms.

Yes, it's live!

It looks like we're still working on padding for additional components. We did ship margin controls for forms under Appearance->Advanced:

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