Container showBorder in fx not working correctly

Hi guys,

the showBorader in a container is not working in the correct way, when using the fx instead of the checkbox.


The variable is a boolean (false), but the boarder is still shown.

Please fix this.


This seems to work fine for me, I can't replicate it - how's your variable defined?

seems like dynamic show border doesnt work

hmmmm, works fine for me
Maybe some strange css or custom styles?
I'm on cloud version 3.23.0, maybe there's something else changed like the new component styles which I've not opted into.

I do not have Custom CSS
im in ver 3.23.0
and dont have the new component styles :thinking:

Hi guys,

I am on Retool cloud version 3.24.0.
Any updates?

Thank you.


Hi all,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I've identified the root cause and a fix will be deployed later this week!

I'll update this post when the fix is live.


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Hi Alexi,

how is it going ?
Is there a fix available ?

Thank you.


Hi @justin-hausmann-sector-e, the fix should be live with the recent release of 3.26.