Container border

Is there a way to set the border color/style for a container or a component in mobile?

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Not currently, but one thing you can do is use nested containers with padding and colored backgrounds to fake a 4px border.

4px border. That’s a thick border. Thanks for this cheat. I will ry it out. It might look dated though. I want to use it for simple things like tag/pill components. We’re missing some basic UI elements for mobile in that area.

Also, I try to reduce the amount of components since it will slow down the mobile app. It would be better if we could set more styling settings per component.


Agreed, more styling options for containers is very much needed in Retool Mobile.

The lack of a border styling, specifically, is very limiting. It is forcing us to choose between showing NO visual delimitation of a container or group of elements, or a full on background - which may be too much, depending on the desired outcome.

So +1 from me for a border styling for containers and list collections, which are also basically a container since they introduce their own (most often undesired) inner padding.

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