A simple container, no UI

It'd be great to have an unstyled, simple container, as in if there's nothing in it you won't even know it's there. The purpose of this would be to group items together to make it easier to move them around. This is especially helpful when you're building an app/module and adding components to shift around, the container would make it easier to reposition the items and limit the amount that the items inside can shift around as well.

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I second that request.

This is possible although not in the most straightforward way.

First, hide the header and footer of the container:


Then set the border opacity to transparent:


This is the result you get:

The only drawback is that this take extra space from the board, which can be disruptive. Although, you might be able to fix it with custom CSS, I haven’t tried it.


Good call @Mendy, always forget about the ability to change the style like that. This does support my use-case although it would be nice to have a grouping container supported as a first class citizen so those changes don't need to be made for every instance.

Hey late reply here but you can actually get a nice container w/o any padding, margin, or border entirely through the Inspector.

You just have to go to the "Appearance" section and

  1. deselect "Show border"
  2. deselect "Show drop shadow"
  3. set "Padding type" to "None"
  4. open "Advanced settings" (the little control icon to the right of the "Appearance" section header) and set "Margin type" to "None