Connecting to GCP MySQL instance using service account

I wanted to ask if it's in Retool's roadmap to offer a way to connect to a MySQL instance in GCP using a Service Account/ GCP's IAM system/ GCP's SQL Auth Proxy.

Other services like Firestore already make use of google's service account. AFAIK, and read through the documentation, the MySQL resources only offer the AWS integration.

Is there a REST endpoint I might use to register a MySQL resource in retool by connecting to a GCP MySQL instance with google's service account info?

Thanks in advance!

That's at least GCP's recommended Cloud SQL connection method: Connect using the Cloud SQL Auth proxy  |  Cloud SQL for MySQL  |  Google Cloud

Hey @Sebastian_Iglesias!

It's not currently on the roadmap though more support for Google service accounts has been requested in the past. It looks as though it may be possible to workaround it on self-hosted Retool but I'm not sure this is possible for cloud.

I've surfaced the request with the dev team and can let you know here if support is added!

Awesome, thanks a lot!