Support for GCP Redis

I'm trying to set-up a GCP hosted Redis instance as database. Unfortunately, the first command run by Retool is something that causes this error Unable to connect. Error: ERR unknown command ``CLIENT``, with args beginning with: ``SETNAME``, ``dbconnector``,.

Apparently CLIENT is currently not supported by GCP as per this github discussion google cloud platform - Cannot run CLIENT command at GCP managed Redis - Stack Overflow and this list of unsupported REDIS commands Vincoli del prodotto  |  Memorystore for Redis  |  Google Cloud. After creating this redis connection, the database doesn't show up in my resources. So I assume it doesn't work.

Hi @ant0n!

Yes, unfortunately you are correct: connections to Redis on GCP currently do not work.

We have a ticket to update our Redis integration to allow for connections on GCP/Memorystore, but I don't have an estimate at the moment when that will land.

Will keep you updated here!

@shawntax Any news on this? This integration would be useful for us.

@hedone unfortunately not ~ the GCP Memorystore integration is currently de-prioritized this quarter. Will check back in after our planning update next quarter!

@shawntax This integration with GCP Memorystore would be valuable for us as well - any updates on when this might get an ETA?

Hey @matt_matsec , just checked on the status and unfortunately this one looks like it's going to remain on the backlog as Retool goes in to 2024.