"component is orphaned" messages when embedded

I embedded my retool web app publicly (in wordpress) and the loading time was ridiculously long so I checked the browser dev tool. Retool is sending 1800+ messages (see screenshot) about components being 'orphaned'. Every time I move components in and out of containers, the list gets longer. Why is it doing that??? It's causing so much performance delay. Now the page takes longer than 10 seconds to load.

Retool support is horrific. They take on average 19 days to respond so asking the community for help.

Does anyone know a solution??

Hey @Jennifer_Hong, orphaned components can definitely add to load times. This shouldn't be happening every time you move a component in and out of a container. It does look like perhaps more components are being added as the numbers on each of those warnings is getting quite high.

If you are unable to delete the offending components that are unused (as described here), feel free to send over an export of the app and I can take a look.