Collection list does not show

Hi, I have a collection list that works perfectly fine on the preview with my laptop, but when I go on my phone to test it and does not show the collection on the page. I have no filter for this collection. I just tried to make it a textArea instead and same result. What I understand is for some reason the app is not able to get result from the query. Result is perfect I test it on pc

Hey @MRConcept,

There's a Show on mobile toggle under the advanced appearance section for the components. Does toggling this on make it show up on phone for you?

Hi, thanks for the reply. As it is a mobile app not a web app it does not have this "show on desktop" and "Show on mobile" What I meant was when I am editing the mobile app on my pc it works, but not on my phone. I just found my answer using the debugger on the mobile app. It was (as I thought) a problem of authentification with the query. I downgraded the retool app to an older version as mentioned on other posts for this issue and now it is working.